The Shadow02

The Shadow (1994)

Seemingly bored millionaire Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin) actually has a rather interesting hobby during his […]

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Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995)

This write-up is based on the theatrical cut of the film, because it’s the one […]

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Terror Has No Shape! Chuck Russell’s THE BLOB (1988)

A piece of carnivorous pink snot falls to Earth in a meteor and chews its way […]

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The Films of Nomura Yoshitaro: Village of 8 Gravestones (八つ墓村)

Tatsuya is coming home – to see the birthplace of his mother, to attend the […]

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The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980)

Planet Zeta is supposed to become an important stepping stone for further interplanetary explorations for […]

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Das finstere Tal08

Das Finstere Tal: The Dark Valley

Some time in the 19th century. A stranger calling himself Greider (Sam Riley) rides into […]

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Space Monsters and Body Snatchers: Guilala (ギララ) and Goke (ゴケミドロ) to Wreck House on Blu-ray in December

It’s been less than two years since Criterion, through their Eclipse sub-label, issued Shochiku’s quartet […]

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Back in Action (1993)

As is traditional, tough cop Frank Rossi’s (Roddy Piper) partner is slaughtered by one of […]

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A Song Before Annihilation: II. Zealots of Stockholm [Free Information] (Childish Gambino)

I don’t have much to say here. I’ve had this album (as well as Gambino’s ace 2011 effort Camp) […]

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Tarzan's Greatest Adventure01

Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (1959)

A gang of four white men wearing blackface raids a village somewhere in the jungles […]

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Disc Love: Godzilla Raids Again / ゴジラの逆襲 (2014 Toho Blu-ray)

While the oft-lamented Godzilla’s Revenge may come close, it’s difficult to imagine another film in the series’ initial […]

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SAGA: Curse of the Shadow (2013)

Warning: the plot spoilers get a bit heavy this week! Welcome to the extremely generic […]

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Avenging Force (1986)

Former intelligence agent Matt Hunter (Michael Dudikoff) packs in his family – consisting of his grandfather […]

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The Machine (2013)

In a near future dominated by a new Cold War between the West and China […]

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No room to run! No place to hide! Cornel Wilde’s No Blade of Grass

How would so-called civilized men react were the first world to find itself in the […]

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Disc Love: King Kong vs. Godzilla / キングコング対ゴジラ (1986 Laserdisc)

Man, has it been a long time since I last fired up my laserdisc player. […]

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