If there’s a lesson to be learned from Gin Wigmore’s latest video outing, it’s that you shouldn’t let Gin Wigmore babysit your children. Shouldn’t, that is, unless you want them to aspire to far cooler things than their comfortable suburban pedigree might otherwise suggest.

Dirty Mercy, the latest video and single from Wigmore, has the artist inspiring such a youth to give more pedestrian preoccupations amiss, instead using magic markers and scissors to their full anarcho-creative potential to become the headliner of the rock show playing in theirĀ head. Wigmore’s vocal chops are as undeniable as ever, and David de Lautour’s direction is appropriately slick, but it’s the kid who rightly steals the show. This kidĀ rocks.

Gin Wigmore’s Dirty Mercy is available for download and streaming through Amazon.com, the Gin Wigmore site, and other usual outlets.