A Song Before Annihilation: The Gonk (Herbert Chappell)

TheGonk_Dawn of the Dead

This track will need no introduction for most of you I suspect. I picked up Synapse Films’ limited web-exclusive Definitive Document of the Dead DVD / Blu-ray combo during this past weekend’s 50% off sale, and it should come as no surprise that Romero’s Dawn of the Dead has been on my mind ever since. It’s one of those films that’s had a profound influence on my life since I first saw it at age twelve, and though I’ve watched it only rarely in recent years it remains so familiar to me that it may as well be branded onto my brain matter.

It seems like Herbert Chappell’s The Gonk is everywhere these days, and seeing Dawn of the Dead is no longer any pre-requisite to having heard it. The jaunty, interminably peppy slice of muzak has become a go-to in-joke / homage for Dead nerds far and wide, and it’s really a dreadful little thing. Whether its popular unearthing has been a blessing or a blight upon humanity is for the historians to decide. All I know is that it’s been nearly twenty years since I first heard it and I still can’t get the damned thing out of my head. Anyone have a screwdriver handy?

You’ll find The Gonk embedded below, and those who need a hard copy will find it compiled on CD with the rest of Dawn of the Dead‘s library music (much of which I quite like) courtesy of Trunk Records.