Apocalyptic sci-fi epic VIRUS「復活の日」DAY OF RESURRECTION infects 4k UHD and Blu-ray in December!

Apocalyptic sci-fi epic VIRUS「復活の日」DAY OF RESURRECTION infects 4k UHD and Blu-ray in December!

Update: The ExB review of this release is now live, and can be found here. The original article continues below.

Director Kinji FUKASAKU’s bigger-than-big 1980 adaptation of Sakyo KOMATSU’s classic sci-fi novel Day of Resurrection「復活の日」is seeing the home video reissue it’s always deserved this December from Kadokawa. Huge, hyperbolic, and ultimately irresistibly human, Virus will see dual-format release in native 4k UHD Blu-ray and remastered standard Blu-ray on the 22nd of the month.

In its time Virus‘ megalithic production was too big not to fail at the box office. An all star cast of both Japanese and international talent and a strenuous, oft-delayed out-of-country location shoot sent production costs into the stratosphere, making Virus a picture that couldn’t make money even as it killed at Japanese cinemas. The film went straight-to-video in the United States, where a lapse in rights certainly hasn’t helped matters. Despite all that Virus’ impact is undeniable. More than 35 years on the film remains a fan favorite in Japan, where it has regularly been resurrected on home video, in theaters, and on television.

Kadokawa’s latest iteration should be a sound upgrade from the older blu-ray disc, which was distinctly affordable (retailing for around $18), but also sourced from a clunky scan in interlaced 1080i. The new dual-format edition presents the film from the recent 4k restoration, and even comes with an extra; an audio commentary with director Kinji Fukasaku and other production staff that hasn’t been heard since the film’s premium DVD box release from 2002. No English-language subtitle support is planned (Japanese subtitles are included).

The dual-format UHD / Blu-ray of Virus premieres on December 22nd at a suggested retail price of around $60 (pre-orders through Amazon Japan are running considerably less, roughly $45 USD).