Krieg im Weltenraum! Ishiro Honda’s BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE blasts onto Blu-ray next week from Anolis

Krieg im Weltenraum! Ishiro Honda’s BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE blasts onto Blu-ray next week from Anolis

Anolis Entertainment continue to impress with their steady slate of vintage genre Blu-rays. Following on the heels of their dual-format release of The H-Man in March, next week will see the high definition home video debut of another classic tokusatsu effort – 1959’s Battle in Outer Space.

Directed by Ishiro HONDA with special effects direction from Eiji TSUBURAYA, Battle follows heroic multi-national scientists as they repel the colonial advances of aliens from the planet Natal. A sort-of sequel to the more narratively driven The Mysterians from 1957, Battle is more propulsive and action-minded, and finds its heroes rocketing to the moon to destroy the invaders’ base of operations, then engaging in an epic space dogfight. As saucers destroy whole city blocks in Tokyo and meteors rain on New York and San Francisco, the very fate of the Earth hangs in the balance!

Battle in Outer Space, under the German release title Krieg im Weltenraum, will see release on August 18th as part of Anolis’ ongoing Gallery of Horrors series. Utilizing HD restorations first released to DVD by Sony some years ago, Anolis will present Battle not only in its original Japanese (with Japanese and German DTS-HD monophonic audio) and German (German DTS-HD mono only) theatrical release versions, but also in its English-dubbed American release cut (with both English and German DTS-HD monophonic audio). Optional German subtitles are included for all versions.

Supplements are surprisingly stacked, and include a new audio commentary from Dr. Rolf Giesen and Jörg M. Jedner as well as the excellent previously-released commentary by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski, as well as the German theatrical trailer, film program, and Super 8mm film version, and American and German press books. An image gallery and illustrated 20-page booklet round out the mix.

Battle in Outer Space is a dual format Blu-ray (Region B) and DVD (Region 2 PAL) release, packaged in an Amaray style case (as other Gallery of Horrors releases), and can be pre-ordered now through Amazon DE and other outlets.