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Ho Meng Hua’s THE OILY MANIAC「 油鬼子」to Blu-ray in July from 88 Films

Ho Meng Hua’s THE OILY MANIAC「 油鬼子」to Blu-ray in July from 88 Films

Today in “things I never thought I’d live to see”, 88 Films have announced via their facebook page that director Ho Meng Hua’s deliciously bizarre action-horror-revenge fantasy The Oily Maniac 「 油鬼子」, from Shaw Brothers in 1976, will see its high definition video debut in July. […]

WOLF GUY 「ウルフガイ 燃えろ狼男」 lives! To Blu-ray in the UK / US this Spring from Arrow

In a bombshell of an announcement for fans of elusive ’70s exploitation, Arrow Video have revealed that they’ll be releasing Toei’s seldom seen 1975 action oddity Wolf Guy to Blu-ray and DVD in the United States and United Kingdom at the end of April. From the […]

Live action ATTACK ON TITAN part 2 to Blu-ray/DVD from Funimation in December

The conclusion to director HIGUCHI Shinji’s live action Attack on Titan duology make its North American home video debut from Funimation on December 6th, roughly two months after that of Attack on Titan The Movie: Part 1. As with Part 1, Funimation will issue Attack on Titan The Movie: […]

Live-action ATTACK ON TITAN part 1 – new film clip from Funimation

There are plenty of criticisms to be leveled at HIGUCHI Shinji’s widely lambasted live-action Attack on Titan films, but a new clip posted by Stateside distributor Funimation wisely sticks to their most favorable aspect – their phantasmagoric and fantastical special effects production. The clip shows the early stages of the titan advance, […]

‘ANTI-PORNO’, ‘Terra Formars’, and ‘Wet Woman in the Wind’ in International Competition at 22nd annual L’Étrange Festival

Two features from Nikkatsu’s 45th anniversary Roman Porno Reboot are in International Competition at this year’s L’Étrange Festival of genre cinema – SONO Sion’s ANTI-PORNO and SHIOTA Akihiko’s Wet Woman in the Wind (Kaze ni Nurute Onna), which will respectively be making their European and French premieres at the […]

Walk the path of the yakuza vampire

It’s difficult to know where to begin when it comes to MIIKE Takashi’s absurd action saga Yakuza Apocalypse (Gokudō Daisensō), an unremittingly strange and ultimately inconclusive genre smash-up about vampire gangsters who help the poor and downtrodden, farm blood from an underground knitting-circle, and do battle with […]

「丑三つの村」Village of Doom

Young Tsugio INUMARU (Masato FURUOYA) is a perennial invalid, and something of a pariah in his rural village. It’s the late 1930s, and at a time when the rest of the village’s young men have been enlisted into the Imperial Army the sickly Tsugio is […]

Choke Canyon (1986)

Choke Canyon (1986)

Rogue physicist Dr. David Lowell (Stephen Collins) is convinced he is able to develop a clean, infinite source of energy out of sound waves. To prove that particularly interesting theory, he has set up a lab with awesome blinking doodads in beautiful Choke Canyon. There, […]

Die Schlacht der Stahlgiganten: Stuart Gordon’s ‘Robot Jox’ (1990)

Die Schlacht der Stahlgiganten: Stuart Gordon’s ‘Robot Jox’ (1990)

Fifty years following a global nuclear holocaust conventional warfare has been outlawed. Territorial disputes between the two superpowers (the United States and the USSR, here reborn as the Market and the Confederation respectively) are instead settled by a new breed of warrior – the Robot Jox, superstar […]

The Shadow (1994)

The Shadow (1994)

Seemingly bored millionaire Lamont Cranston (Alec Baldwin) actually has a rather interesting hobby during his nights: so he can atone for the sins of his past as drug-dealing Eastern warlord, and channel his inner evil into something good a Buddhist monk has taught Cranston the power to cloud men’s […]

Back in Action (1993)

Back in Action (1993)

As is traditional, tough cop Frank Rossi’s (Roddy Piper) partner is slaughtered by one of the psychopathic goons of drug lord Kasajian (Nigel Bennett chewing the scenery like any good low budget action villain, and getting a rather funny acupuncture scene later on, because evil […]

Avenging Force (1986)

Former intelligence agent Matt Hunter (Michael Dudikoff) packs in his family – consisting of his grandfather (Rick Boyle) and his little sister Sarah (Allison Gereighty) – to visit his old secret ops partner Larry Richards (Steve James) and his family in New Orleans. Larry’s retired too, […]

The Machine (2013)

The Machine (2013)

In a near future dominated by a new Cold War between the West and China with a new arms race taking place on the field of cybernetics. Scientist Ava (Caity Lotz) has brought the AI she is developing as close to getting through the touring […]

Phoenix the Warrior: She Wolves of the Wasteland (1988)

The world has been quite destroyed by germ warfare that killed all men and only left a small number of women alive, which is the sort of thing that really does make a further propagation of the human race rather improbable. Somehow, though, thanks to the […]

Sci-Fighters (1996)

It’s the far-flung future of 2009, and what a time it is. What we see of the cities looks like Blade Runner lite, there’s a high security prison on the moon (so I assume the economy’s booming), and people carry little personal electronics devices quite […]

A Prior Engagement: Night Wars (1988)

Vietnam veterans Trent (Brian O’Connor) and Jim (Cameron Smith) never really left the war behind them. Particularly not the memory of the time when their platoon was betrayed by the eeeevil McGregor (Steve Horton wildly chewing scenery), and they had to leave their friend Jhonny (Chet Hood) […]

Bollywood Shuffle: Jaal (1986)

With his mother developing a consumption-like illness that makes it impossible for her to keep continuing the cooking work that paid for the family’s food and education, and since his father has been dead for quite a few years, it now falls to kind-hearted part-time […]

Le Bossu: The Hunchback of Paris (1959)

France in the early 18th Century, during the reign of Louis XIV. Philippe de Nevers (Hubert Noel) and Isabelle de Caylus (Sabine Sesselmann) have secretly married, despite traditional hatred between their families. They have already produced one child, a baby daughter named Aurore. Isabelle has […]