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Ici, c’est Pepsi

An animated moment from Daiei Company’s 1970 children’s drama The Little Hero (Boku wa Go-sai / I am Five), a feel-good yarn about a young boy who embarks on a four-hundred kilometer pilgrimage to find his widowed working-class father in Ōsaka. The Pepsi signage is one of the clues the boy […]

「成熟」 The Awakening

Yūko KANŌ (Keiko SEKINE) is the daughter of a comfortably middle class farming family, an ace student, and a prominent member of her agricultural high school’s photo club to boot, but finds herself at odds with her small community’s rigid traditionalism after a minor transgression at a […]

「暴風圏」 A Storm Zone

After the unexpected death of her father in an automobile accident care-free Misako (Junko KANŌ) is appointed the unlikely president of the family’s prominent shipping company. Despite her inexperience Misako puts forth great effort to learn the business and gradually gains the trust of both […]

Behind the Scenes: Wind Velocity 75 Meters 「風速七十五米」

Ginza is swept up in a massive storm surge in the finale of Daiei’s Wind Velocity 75 Meters. We Western tokusatsu fanatics are blessed in that, with some rare exceptions, the majority of Japan’s golden-age science fiction and fantasy output has been available to us in some […]

Gallery Fantascienza: Gamera vs. Barugon

Meet yet another of my peculiar, and oddly specific, preoccupations, a love for the often bizarre photo-based sci-fi and fantasy cinema advertising that blossomed in Italy from the mid-’60s through the ’70s. It’s an obsession that I can rarely afford – prices on fotubustas and soggettones from domestic […]