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The Depression-era spectacle of Felix E. Feist’s DELUGE

The Depression-era spectacle of Felix E. Feist’s DELUGE

It’s been nearly 90 years since RKO’s Deluge first raged across the silver screen, leveling the concrete modernity of 1933 to rubble and inviting audiences to ponder the consequences, but its history, beyond those first furtive months of general release, has been a troubled one. Indeed, one could […]

No room to run! No place to hide! <br>Cornel Wilde’s ‘No Blade of Grass’

No room to run! No place to hide!
Cornel Wilde’s ‘No Blade of Grass’

How would so-called civilized men react were the first world to find itself in the midst of devastating famine? This is the question posed by No Blade of Grass, the penultimate directorial effort of eccentric talent Cornel Wilde (Leave Her to Heaven), here adapting John […]

Robert Moore Williams’ The Second Atlantis (1965)

It shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with my taste in film to learn that I have something of a soft spot for the garbage literature peddled by publishers like Monarch and Ace Books in the early half of the ’60s, particularly the science fiction potboilers that […]

The Earth Dies Squirming: Behemoth (2011)

A US small town situated close to a mountain that was an active volcano ages ago is hit by a series of tremors and rather curious earth activities, while deadly CO2 starts leaking all around the mountain. Strangely, at the same time this mysterious activity […]

Gripping Spectacle of the Ages! Campaigning for a Deluge

I don’t have much to say about this little artifact, a vintage campaign book for the 1933 release of RKO’s Deluge in the United Kingdom. Much like the film, memorabilia for Deluge is pretty scarce, but I was lucky enough to snag this at online auction […]

La Distruzione del Mondo: Felix E. Feist’s Deluge (1933)

Peggy Shannon and Sidney Blackmer in a publicity still for RKO’s Deluge. Chalk this up as another one of those troublesomely hard-to-find examples of early science fiction cinema. RKO’s 1933 disaster drama Deluge, loosely adapted from Englishman S. Fowler Wright’s 1928 novel of the same name, led […]