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Blu Notes: VIRUS「復活の日」⋅ 4K UHD + Restored Blu-ray ⋅ 2017 ⋅ Kadokawa

Blu Notes: VIRUS「復活の日」⋅ 4K UHD + Restored Blu-ray ⋅ 2017 ⋅ Kadokawa

Were someone to ask me for a capsule opinion of Kadokawa’s recent reissue of the 1980 epic Virus, they’d get a lengthy pause, a sigh, and ultimately a grudging, “It’s complicated.” So settle in, kids. This is apt to be a little more involved than normal. […]

Blu Notes: MATANGO「マタンゴ」⋅ 2017 ⋅ Toho Visual Entertainment

Blu Notes: MATANGO「マタンゴ」⋅ 2017 ⋅ Toho Visual Entertainment

Eiji Tsuburaya’s lauded effects production takes a backseat in this oddball genre offering from Toho studios, released to critical ambivalence and general audience confusion in the fall of 1963. A standout among Toho’s glitzier sci-fi actioners and giant monster fantasies, if by virtue of its […]

S.O.S. Tidal Wave surges to Blu-ray from Olive in October

S.O.S. Tidal Wave surges to Blu-ray from Olive in October

Olive Films dives deep into the Republic archives for this quickie thriller from 1939, notable for its wholesale plundering of the monumental disaster footage from R.K.O.’s ill-fated 1933 apocalypse drama Deluge. That film was pulled from circulation as part of Republic’s contract to buy its effects […]

The Depression-era spectacle of Felix E. Feist’s DELUGE

The Depression-era spectacle of Felix E. Feist’s DELUGE

It’s been nearly 90 years since RKO’s Deluge first raged across the silver screen, leveling the concrete modernity of 1933 to rubble and inviting audiences to ponder the consequences, but its history, beyond those first furtive months of general release, has been a troubled one. Indeed, one could […]

Makoto Shinkai’s YOUR NAME.「君の名は。」hits North American cinemas April 7th from Funimation Films

Makoto SHINKAI’s award-winning block-busting animated feature, currently in special IMAX release in Japan, will arrive in domestic cinemas in both its original Japanese with English subtitles as well as dubbed English. From Funimation: Separated By Distance Connected By Fate Makoto Shinkai’s latest masterpiece, Your Name. […]

Makoto Shinkai’s YOUR NAME.「君の名は。」expanding to IMAX from 1/13 through 1/26

Toho’s megalithic animated hit Your Name. 「君の名は。」 will be expanding its influence to the IMAX screen for a limited 2-week engagement in select Toho Cinemas. A runaway smash since its release in late August, Your Name. is currently second only to 2001’s Spirited Away (director Hayao MIYAZAKI, Studio Ghibli) […]

Masanori Murakami-directed ONE WEEK FRIENDS 「一週間フレンズ。」 feature in theaters from Shochiku in February

A feature film adaptation of Matcha HAZUKI’s beloved manga One Week Friends 「一週間フレンズ。」 is set to charm cinema-goers early next year. Previously adapted as an anime television series from Brain’s Base, which aired in the Spring of 2014, Shochiku’s live-action One Week Friends will be in Japanese theaters from […]

New trailer for Naoko Ogigami’s CLOSE KNIT 「彼らが本気で編むときは、」

Close Knit 「彼らが本気で編むときは、」, the unconventional new family drama from writer and director Naoko OGIGAMI (Kamome Diner), now has a full trailer. The film follows a neglected 11-year old who develops a close bond with her uncle and his partner, a transwoman named Rinko. Close Knit is both written and […]

「そして父になる」 Like Father, Like Son

Masaharu FUKUYAMA (Scoop!) stars as a father who learns his 6-year-old child is not biologically his own in this bittersweet family drama from writer and director Hirokazu KOREEDA (After the Storm), which was released to critical acclaim and festival accolades in 2013 and can currently […]

Four new television spots for Hitoshi Ohne’s SCOOP!

The latest film from writer and director Hitoshi OHNE (Bakuman), a remake of Masato HARADA’s 1985 feature Out of Focus, is set for theatrical release in Japan on October 1st, and producer/distributor Toho have shared four new television spots for the production. Scoop! stars Masaharu FUKUYAMA (Like […]

Toho shares two new TV spots for Lee Sang-il’s RAGE

Toho Company have shared two new television spots for the upcoming mystery drama Rage (Ikari), an adaptation of YAMADA Shuichi’s eponymous two-part novel from 2014 and the latest feature from writer – director Lee Sang-il (Hula Girls). The award-winning WATANABE Ken (Unforgiven) stars, with MORIYAMA Mirai (Penance), MATSUYAMA Kenichi […]

「影の車」 The Shadow Within

Yoshitarō NOMURA captained this perverse little drama, from Shochiku in 1970. The Shadow Within begins as a more-or-less traditional romantic melodrama, centered around an affair between a widowed single mother and a man in a listless marriage, but as is ever the case in Nomura films, […]

First Dispatch for Toho’s KOISAIKA MIYAMOTO

The first dispatch for Toho’s upcoming romantic family drama Koisaika Miyamoto has been made available to the public, both on the official film site and the company’s Youtube channel. The all-star production is an adaptation of acclaimed author SHIGEMATSU Kiyoshi’s 2013 novel Fuamuresu (Family Restaurant), and marks […]

「成熟」 The Awakening

Yūko KANŌ (Keiko SEKINE) is the daughter of a comfortably middle class farming family, an ace student, and a prominent member of her agricultural high school’s photo club to boot, but finds herself at odds with her small community’s rigid traditionalism after a minor transgression at a […]

「丑三つの村」Village of Doom

Young Tsugio INUMARU (Masato FURUOYA) is a perennial invalid, and something of a pariah in his rural village. It’s the late 1930s, and at a time when the rest of the village’s young men have been enlisted into the Imperial Army the sickly Tsugio is […]

「暴風圏」 A Storm Zone

After the unexpected death of her father in an automobile accident care-free Misako (Junko KANŌ) is appointed the unlikely president of the family’s prominent shipping company. Despite her inexperience Misako puts forth great effort to learn the business and gradually gains the trust of both […]

Bollywood Shuffle: Jaal (1986)

With his mother developing a consumption-like illness that makes it impossible for her to keep continuing the cooking work that paid for the family’s food and education, and since his father has been dead for quite a few years, it now falls to kind-hearted part-time […]

A Viking Saga: The Darkest Day

It’s 793, and a band of Vikings led by Athelstan (Christopher Godwin) has just raided the abbey of Lindisfarne off the northeast coast of England. Athelstan is obsessed with the idea that acquiring the Lindisfarne Gospels will give him the power to make his son […]