A Song Before Annihilation: Hard Liquor (Sohn)

Perhaps the most addictive track of early ’17, which seems appropriate. It should come with tasting notes.

Just hit “repeat”.

Hard Liquor is the latest single off Sohn’s Rennen, which dropped last Friday, and is available through Amazon and the other usual outlets (I caught up to it on Tidal, for whatever that’s worth). Jovan Todorovic directed the video, which is shared below. Sohn will be playing the Twin Cities’ own (essential) Triple Rock Social Club in April.

A Song Before Annihilation: The Robots (Kraftwerk)

Regular contributor, friend, and noted German Denis K. mentioned in his own post about his latest piece here that ExB is “not-at-all robotic”.

Thus, I dedicate this edition of A Song Before Annihilation to him, with the added assurance that the videos below almost certainly in no way represent the nefarious and entirely non-robotic day-to-day goings-ons at ExB central. You can find both the remastered song and remastered album via Amazon mp3, as well as physical editions of the same.