A Song Before Annihilation: ケンカロック Fighting Rock (Guitar Wolf)


Three weeks. Guitar Wolf. Tour Magma. Turf Club.

I don’t know how much more needs to be said, really. In my mind there’s no more important event upcoming in the Twin Cities than Guitar Wolf’s landing here on October 3rd, flanked by The Coathangers and Coward as part of the US leg of their Tour Magma. Tickets are $13. Doors open at 8 pm. 17+ only. If you live here, and you’re not there, then I will think less of you. I’m sorry, but that’s just life.

Here’s the video for Fighting Rock, off their 2007 record Dead Rock. It has a windmill.

A Song Before Annihilation: 野獣バイブレーター Beast Vibrator (Guitar Wolf)


It’s been a full 20 years since Guitar Wolf dropped their first LP, and nearly fifteen since Jet Generation – an album I still consider one of the very best ever recorded. It’s comforting to find that the prolific act has lost none of its feral bite in all those years. While Beast Vibrator may not match the sterling standard set by their 1999 outing (what could?) it’s no slouch either. Guitar Wolf is certainly older, and their style maturing in kind, but those fearing a retreat from their raucous garage punk roots can rest easy. Guitar Wolf still fuckin’ rocks.

Shared here is the eponymous single to their latest album (the official video no less), an explosive, screeching pop number and one of the catchiest tracks the band has ever produced. Beast Vibrator is out now in limited edition CD/DVD combo in Japan (the version I picked up – the DVD is all region NTSC), and lands in June as an album-only European edition from Okami.