Tag: Sci-Fi

Phoenix the Warrior: She Wolves of the Wasteland (1988)

The world has been quite destroyed by germ warfare that killed all men and only left a small number of women alive, which is the sort of thing that really does make a further propagation of the human raceĀ rather improbable. Somehow, though, thanks to the […]

Andrew Hughes: A life in (Japanese) Pictures

With the exception of the late Robert Dunham, to whom major roles in Toho’s Space Monster DogoraĀ andĀ Godzilla vs. MegalonĀ assured significant recognition among genre fans, one of the most familiar – or at the very least persistent – Western faces in Japanese cinema of the 60s […]

A Song Before Annihilation: Prelude to The Space Children (Nathan Van Cleave)

There’s plenty wrong with Jack Arnold’s criminally underfunded The Space Children, released by Paramount in 1958, but Nathan Van Cleave’s score is certainly not one of them. Working largely with synths and organs with punctuation drawn in light percussion and brass, Cleave’s work develops an […]