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Beware of the creep next door . . .

Eureka! Entertainment has released its trailer for director KUROSAWA Kiyoshi’s latest, the mystery-thriller Creepy. The film was released by Shochiku in Japan earlier this Summer, and will have its premiere in the UK at the BFI London Film Festival in early October. From there, the film is set for limited theatrical […]

The Killings at Outpost Zeta (1980)

Planet Zeta is supposed to become an important stepping stone for further interplanetary explorations for an entity called “Star Fleet” that surely has nothing at all to do with a different organisation called “Starfleet”. Alas, contact with the first preparatory mission on Zeta breaks off after […]

Byzantium (2013)

Byzantium (2013)

Neil Jordan’s Byzantium (based on a script by Moira Buffini that doesn’t feel stagy at all despite being based on her stage play) is the kind of film that really needs quite a different writer than I am to be properly appreciated. A shot-by-shot analysis combined with a […]

I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

Teen Aubrey Fleming (Lindsay Lohan) is living a charmed life – she’s bright, wealthy, has a supportive family, and could have all the jock boyfriends she could handle; all reasons for her not to be perfectly happy are hidden quite well or perfectly obvious after […]

Masks (2011)

Young would-be actress Stella (Susen Ermich) seems to have gotten as far as natural talent and looks can bring her in her dreamt-of, which is to say, not very far. So when she is pointed in the direction of the Matteusz Gdula School for Acting, […]