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Will you believe it when you’re dead?? THE GREEN SLIME creeps to Blu-ray this October from Warner Archive

Will you believe it when you’re dead?? THE GREEN SLIME creeps to Blu-ray this October from Warner Archive

When I first started ExB way back in 2013, our first recurring feature was a dumb little thing called “99 Reasons for The Green Slime on Blu-ray”. That feature, which came with a petition for… guess…, only ever got through the first two reasons, and […]

WOLF GUY 「ウルフガイ 燃えろ狼男」 lives! To Blu-ray in the UK / US this Spring from Arrow

In a bombshell of an announcement for fans of elusive ’70s exploitation, Arrow Video have revealed that they’ll be releasing Toei’s seldom seen 1975 action oddity Wolf Guy to Blu-ray and DVD in the United States and United Kingdom at the end of April. From the […]

ONE PIECE FILM: GOLD at Minneapolis’ own Lagoon Cinema in limited engagement from January 10th

The latest cinematic installment in the megalithic One Piece saga will be on-screen in Minneapolis, starting tomorrow evening. The Lagoon Cinema, in conjunction with Funimation Films, will hold three screenings of One Piece Film: Gold from tomorrow through the 17th – January 10th at 7pm, January 14th at […]

English-dubbed ONE PIECE FILM GOLD in theaters from Funimation Films in January

Released this past July so significant success in Japan, the thirteenth adventure in the One Piece theatrical saga will soon be setting sail on US screens. Funimation Films will screen Hiroaki MIYAMOTO’s One Piece Film Gold in a limited theatrical engagement from January 10th through January 17th 2017. From […]

Falcon Magistrate「はやぶさ奉行」(1957)

Falcon Magistrate「はやぶさ奉行」(1957)

Edo period Japan. Kagemoto Toyama (Chiezo Kataoka), known to his friends as Kinshiro, is the son of a well-respected magistrate. Father and son don’t see eye to eye at all because Kinshiro has spent parts of his life mixing it up with the lower classes […]

41 Hours of Terror: An Artifact from The Final War

When it comes to Toei’s 1960 end-of-the-world production World War III: 41 Hours of Terror (第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖), better known domestically as The Final War, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find that I’ve got little left to say. In the wake of the film’s recent […]

41 Hours of Terror: The Final War 「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」

The Golden Gate Bridge goes to pieces in Toei’s The Final War, photo courtesy of LIFE Magazine c. November 1960. It’s a little startling to realize just how prescient a modest end-of-the-world effort from more than fifty years past can be. In the last few […]

A Brief American History of The Final War 「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」

The above publicity still was shamelessly swiped from Greg Shoemaker, who posted it (along with a few other stills) here. While the text may suggest otherwise, the image itself is sourced from Toei’s straight sci-fi effort Invasion of the Neptune Men. In a perfect world The […]

41 Hours of Terror: Eye on The Final War 「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」 circa November, 1960

Effects artisans put the finishing touches on their model of San Francisco’s famous Golden Gate Bridge in this behind-the-scenes still for Toei’s The Final War (「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」, World War III: 41 Hours of Terror), published in LIFE Magazine’s issue from November 28th, 1960 (available in full […]

Lost and Found: The Final War 「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」

Lost and Found: The Final War 「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」

Though largely unseen since its release in December of 1960 it’s not strictly accurate to say that Toei’s nuclear war drama The Final War (「第三次世界大戦 四十一時間の恐怖」, or World War III: 41 Hours of Terror) was a lost film. That’s not to say it was an easy film […]